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In assoication with Amazon.com we would like to recommend the following books for the hunting and fishing enthusiast.

Order through these links.  Click on the book title to get more information.  If you need assistance, please contact info@hunt-fish.com.  We appreciate your business!


Big Bucks the Benoit Way by Bryce Towsley:  "Cannot say enough about how detailed they got in explaining, why they did things, how they did them, the clothes they used, the choice of guns and loads, etc."  -- a reader from Massachusetts

Hunting Today's Whitetail:  Strategies for Success by Jay Cassell.

Legendary Whitetails:  Stories and Photos of 40 of the Greatest Bucks of All Time by Dick Idol.

Mark of the Grizzly:  True Stories of Recent Bear Attacks and the Hard Lessons Learned by Scott McMillion:  The terror of a grizzly attack has the power to teach us how to behave in the presence of these magnificent animals and how to avoid dangerous encounters

The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Chester Ruark:  "This book captures how this passion is passed on through the love and respect between pupil and teacher."  -- Rob Abbott

Whitetail:  Behavior Through the Seasons by Charles Alsheimer:  Each page is filled with stunning pictures that coinside with the reading.


40 Best Trout Flies by Robert H. Alley:  For each fly the author offers situations and presentation methods that can shine new light on an already popular pattern, as well as reasons behind the fly's enduring success.

Alaska Bear Tales by Larry Kanuit:  Horrific tales of maulings and things NOT TO DO while in the wild.

The Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout/the Fly-Fishers Book of Quarry, Tackle, and Techniques by Charles Jardine:  Complete history of angling as well as advice on tackle and accessorites, instructions on casting and fly-tying and more.

Hooked on Ice Fishing:  Secrets to Catching Winter Fish by Tom Gruenwald:  Well done, full coverage book on ice fishing.

Largemouth Bass; an In-Fisherman handbook of Strategies by In-Fisherman Staff:  From how to, to how come, this one has it all.


Amazing but True Fishing Stories by Bruce M. Nash:  A compilation of fishing tales contains stories such as the Frenchman who caught 590 fish in one hour.

The Compleat Waterfowler:  A Discourse on Duck Hunting with a Little Goose on the Side by Buck Peterson:  "There are spoofs in this book that will make a serious hunter laugh out loud." -- a reader from Washington

A Fine and Pleasant Misery by Patrick F. McManus:  If McManus cannot make you laugh, you really need to see someone professionally.

A Hunter's Fireside Book by Gene Hill:  Full of wit and wisdom from a man who loves the outdoors.

They Shoot Canoes, Don't They? by Patrick F. McManus:  Humor that reflects some of the experiences of every outdoorsman.

Never Sniff a Gift Fish by Patrick McManus:  "Truely, this is simple humor at its best." -- a reader from California

Now We're Having Fun! by Ted Leonard:  "Leonard is kind of a outdoorsy Dagwood Bumstead..." -- Fairbanks Daily News

Politically Correct Hunting by Ken Jacobson:  Hilarious hunter's manual for coping with the sensitive souls who oppose hunting.


Wild Game Cooking Made Easy by John Schumacker:  "I've edited and published dozens of game and fish cookbooks over the past 10 years and this one stands far above the rest" -- Mike Vail

Wild Game Cooking by Eileen Clarke:  Packed with more than 100 mouth watering recipes that range from quick camp meals to exquisite gourmet dishes.

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